Eco Motive Bikes


Since 2010, Eco Motive owner Pam Sawyer dreamed about starting an exciting and useful business in Santa Fe. Pam has a background in business and hospitality (she managed the Pink Adobe Restaurant for 27 years!) and decided to create a unique bike shop that focused on electric bicycles. The idea supports biking in Santa Fe while catering to a growing market of cyclists interested in e-bikes.  In early 2013 Dan Jeffre and Barbara Williams joined Pam to develop the Eco Motive Vision and provide increased visibility and solid customer service.

Electric bikes really make sense and their popularity is gaining world-wide because they are perfect choice for a daily commute or a playful cruise through the neighborhood. Anyone who loves biking or being outdoors is perfect candidate for an electric bike. Pam chose to work with Prodeco because it is an American electric bike  company and Pedego because it increased options available to our customers. The design of the Pedego and Prodeco Tech bikes allow a rider to use the bike with or without the aid of a powerful electric engine. A rider can pedal all they want and then engage the electric engine with the twist of a throttle. The bikes are PERFECT and SO MUCH FUN.

Pam chose to keep it simple. At Eco Motive, all we do is electric bikes: Sales, Rentals, Service and Tours.


At Eco Motive Bikes we have a personalized and friendly approach with all our clients. We want everyone who rides our electric bikes to feel excited, comfortable and safe. Our bike technicians will work with you in the comfort of your neighborhood to find the right bike for each rider. As we say here “if the bike does not fit, don’t ride it.”

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