Mariner 7


Welcoming the newest and most improved addition to the Mariner family, the Mariner 7 offers riders more in terms of gears by adding a 7 speed cassette on the rear HUB and a powerful 300 watt motor. Coupled with the new beautiful pearly white color, the Mariner 7 is the marriage of performance and style at its best.


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The pearly white color and sleek style of the Mariner 7 makes it an attractive electric bike for just about everyone. The high performance 300 watt free-spinning motor mounted in the front wheel ensures a long lasting yet effortless ride. The 36 volt 9 amp hour advanced lithium battery (LiFEPO4) has about 340 watts of energy capacity for long distance cruising and exploration. It has a smooth ride supported by suspension in the seat post and the fork, but most of all, it is easy to ride. The propulsion system is a ‘power-on-demand’ variable throttle which is simple to operate: just twist and go, or if you feel like getting some exercise, pedal like you would on a regular bicycle, the motor only powers on when you want it to. Challenging hills have never been easier when using a combination of the electric motor and shifting between the 7 gears on the Mariner 7. Best of all, when you are finished with your ride, you can fold up the bike down to a size that is easily stowed in the trunk of your car, in your closet, or under your desk, in a quick yet simple 3 stage process. It is a great bike for commuting to work, school, running local errands, getting from class to class across campus, jumping on the trains, subways, or busses, and for just about every local transportation need. It is fully adjustable to all sizes, uses only the highest quality components, and is supported by an industry best 2 year warranty on all parts except the frame, which carries an outstanding lifetime warranty.


  • (Pearly white) sleek style
  • High performance 300w motor
  • Easily stored with 3 stage folding capability
  • Twist the Throttle for ‘Power-On-Demand’ propulsion system
  • High capacity, high efficiency LiFEPO4 battery
  • 7 speeds for easy riding up hills or on the flats and longer distance per battery charge
  • Great for commuting to work, school, running local errands, and more
  • Great for urban areas where full size bikes can’t be taken on trains, subways, and buses
  • Electric ride is smooth, easy, and enjoyable
  • Adjustable to all sizes
  • High quality components (as with all Prodeco, we use only the highest quality components)
  • The best warranty in the industry


Made in America

Mariner 7 detail 1

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