Eco Motive Biker and Animal Lover in Action!

When Rachel needed to feed her horses at the barn, she would strap on a pair of boots and hike nearly two miles up the canyon roads on her ranch property in New Mexico. Riding a bike didn’t seem like it was an option because the incline is just too steep, and Rachel’s manpower could not compete. On days when she didn’t feel like Hercules, she drove her truck in lieu of exercise.

As soon as Rachel heard of Eco Motive Bikes, she knew she had found the solution to her problem.

Rachel purchased the Stride R because the step-through provided a much easier way to mount and dismount the bike. She’s a big fan of the sturdiness of the bike and its ability to maneuver so well on the dirt roads. “Not only is it an excellent bike because of the electric motor, but it’s a great bike in general with the smooth gear shifts and the great brakes.”

Rachel no longer has to forgo exercise and waste gas just to feed her animals. And not only is she getting exercise, but “the very best thing is how much my dogs love to go with me”!