Jeff Nailen – Santa Fe Way

What a BLAST!

If you’re looking for a way to combine your health & fitness with bettering the health of our planet I strongly recommend an electric bike from Eco Motive.

The Prodeco Outlaw model I got is a BLAST! It’s so fun. I now use it as my primary means of transportation around Santa Fe. My commute to Santa Fe Spa to train clients is now only 10 minutes door-to-door versus 15 minutes when I drove. Best of all, I arrive energized and invigorated.

I’m saving $150/month that I used to spend on car insurance and gas.

By getting more exercise I’m getting lighter in weight while leaving a lighter carbon foot-print. I’m no longer contributing to traffic congestion, dependence on fossil fuels, air pollution, or climate change. It feels great.

Join me in the electric bike revolution that’s sweeping the planet. Pam Sawyer and Dan are pioneering the e-bike revolution here in Santa Fe with Eco Motive, the first locally-owned electric bike shop. They carry the two leading American brands, Pedego and Prodeco, as well as parts, service, and accessories. Best of all, they’re wonderful to work with and their enthusiasm for e-bikes is contagious!

Santa Fe has the second cleanest air in the world and the second thinnest population in America. Let’s keep the City Different clean and thin by commuting different. E-bikes are the Santa Fe way to get around.

Jeff Nailen
Santa Fe Way