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Jennifer Polle

Pam, Barbara, and Dan at EcoMotive have been fantastic to do business with! They worked with me until I figured out exactly what I wanted and helped to tweak my new Pedego cruiser to my own specifications. I’m very happy with my new purchase and thrilled to have a local electric bike company to work 

Jeff Nailen – Santa Fe Way

What a BLAST! If you’re looking for a way to combine your health & fitness with bettering the health of our planet I strongly recommend an electric bike from Eco Motive. The Prodeco Outlaw model I got is a BLAST! It’s so fun. I now use it as my primary means of transportation around Santa 

Eco Motive Biker and Animal Lover in Action!

When Rachel needed to feed her horses at the barn, she would strap on a pair of boots and hike nearly two miles up the canyon roads on her ranch property in New Mexico. Riding a bike didn’t seem like it was an option because the incline is just too steep, and Rachel’s manpower could 

The Case for Electric Bicycles

Repost from the Andrew Gondzur of St. Louis, Missouri, used to ride his bike about four times a year—until last month, when he found himself choosing his bike instead of his car to run errands at least three times a week. What changed? Andrew installed a kit that added a rechargeable electric motor to 

The 10 best things about biking in Santa Fe

by Tom Sharpe 1. Santa Fe’s climate It’s almost a shame to celebrate Bike to Work week in mid-May when the weather is at its best. Santa Fe’s climate is great for bicycling year-round. I recall a story about a bicycle commuter in Minneapolis, Minn., where wintertime weather means layers of high-tech fibers. None of